Initially it all started in PC World, picking up a piece of software off the shelf, playing around with it and putting a few ideas online.

The first few sites we did were quite basic, home made, mainly for close friends, but this developed quite quickly and the opportunity came alive.

Our initial business was formed in May 2005 however web design was not our first core business, at the time our focus was to develop an online accommodation finding service, this business is still in operation today.

As we began to attract clients we quickly discovered that our client base consisted of many customer’s with outdated and low impact web sites, as such we recognised the demand and need for a service that not only delivered outstanding web sites, but did so at prices that were extremely competitive within a market place that traditionally commanded high rates for the work involved.

Using our skills and the briefs from our clients, we began to create user experiences that are intelligent, consistent and unified, thus transforming numerous business strategies into creative and informative web sites and page designs that achieve emotional customer connections, by doing so we brought to life the unique stories and ideas behind various products and services, engaging people emotionally and ultimately persuading consumers when a choice needs to be made.

Since 2005 we have created countless web sites for customers in numerous countries, our designs consist of simple brochure type sites through to complex e-commerce solutions, in short, if technology allows it then we can build it.

Be creative and surprising:

A different direction is refreshing, we don’t try to follow a current school of thinking, we look beyond the obvious, we think differently.

Be innovative and pioneering:

The shock of the new can seed inspiration, we choose this way even though it’s sometimes harder because we believe it pushes us forward

Be attentive and open:

We listen, always. It’s how we learn to do great things – sharing thoughts so that every idea can be heard and explored

Be dependable and responsible:

Great teams are built on trust and transparency, we should be mindful of mistakes and learn how not to make those same mistakes again

Be respectful and engaging:

We endeavour to have an open dialogue with clients, we aim to understand their hopes and fears so that we can create work they will love.

Be punctual and proud:

We deliver on time and take pride in the work that we do. We avoid compromise and only take on what we can do best.

Be fast and agile:

Delay hinders progress whereas energy is compelling and contagious. We are independent and unrestrained, we move swiftly and are flexible

Be ethical and sustainable:

We consider the impact on the environment for everything we do, we embrace ecology and our green positioning.

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