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“To have the sense of creative activity is the great happiness and the great proof of being alive”

Matthew Arnold

Welcome to the world of Grampian Web Site Design, an award winning business dedicated to providing imaginative, creative and compelling web sites to a global client base.

A few things you should know…..

We are a small customer focussed business who pride ourselves on our ability to listen, engage and collaborate with each and every client with the end goal being one of delivering excellent value for money web site packages that include everything you need to get your web site designed, built and online.  

Regardless of your company or organisation size, every client who we work with is treated equally with our personal attention when it comes to understanding your business goals and turning them into a web site, whether you’re a sole trader, a large company or anything in between!

Please enjoy our web site, take time to find out more about us and if you have any questions please get in touch.


The first thing you should know is that we really enjoy making web sites!.

Our business has been operating since 2005 when initially we developed a series of  online advertising portals directed at the accommodation sector, in essence we were promoting and selling advertising space.

It soon became apparent that a large part of our customer base had a requirement for more modern and high impact web sites, enquiries for ad space were then leading to new and re-modelled web sites, this changed our focus somewhat and our web site design business was born.

Whilst our accommodation business is still live, nowadays our focus is purely web site design, we have a client base spanning many countries, our ability to create and deliver high impact engaging web sites has helped us grow to where we are today, and with the help of existing and new clients our future will hopefully be just as enjoyable as the past few years.

Web design

Choosing the right web design company can be a challenge, which is why we have created a design process that we feel is straightforward, uncomplicated and focused on your business or organisational needs.

We are committed to working with every client in order to deliver a first class web based solution that meets the requirements of the business or project, we are conscious of  the many varying requirements our customers have and where possible we aim to work with you to  provide a solution that meets and hopefully exceeds your project criteria.

Depending on the project size and scope we will work with you to deliver a completed solution within a time frame which will be mutually agreed upon at the start of the process.

“If you’re more susceptible to interruption, you do more out of the box thinking.”


“Design is more than just a few tricks to the eye. It’s a few tricks to the brain..”


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“Price is what you pay

Value is what you get.”

Warren buffet

Price Guide

We are very conscious of the fact that in times where every penny counts and your return on investment is crucial, the final price you pay for your new or re-modeled web site needs to sit within your budget whilst at the same time giving you exceptional value for money at a competitive rate.

We have tailored a selection of packages based on our experience to date, ranging from small web sites between 1 and 3 pages, through to more intricate designs that have multiple functions and complex requirements.

All our packages come with various add-ons as standard, examples being email set up, map listing, basic search engine optimisation, contact forms and Google monthly submissions, all of which will enhance your online presence as you move forward with your current or new web site.

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“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask, everything you want also wants you, but you have to take action to get it”

Jack cranfield


We are confident that through close initial collaboration we can gain a clear understanding of what our clients seek.

Before you finally commit to working with us we are more than happy to create a mock design for you, without obligation on your part. This part of our service will enable you to see exactly what we are proposing before you finally decide to work with us.

In most cases we tend to “get it right” first time, yes there will be changes needed to the initial mock design but the blueprint is created, and provided you are happy with our ideas we can move forward and progress to delivering your new or re-modeled web site on time.   

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“If you’re not taking care of your customer your competitor will.”

Bob Hooey


Our standard packages are tailored to give you everything you need to get started and get your online presence working.

The full design, upload and hosting is the first part of the project, as it develops you will be able to view the work under a test link so you can see the progression as it happens.

There are several additional elements needed to ensure your web site performs to the maximum, from the basic needs such as email through to more complex subjects such as search engine optimisation and Google Analytics.

Please click the links below to find out more about your package.

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“I thank you for being part of our journey.”


Over the years we have been fortunate enough to work with many clients in many parts of the world.

We are grateful to our clients for providing feedback on our service levels, our designs and ongoing support.

We have compiled a selection of reviews that have been given to us over the past decade, and we thank our clients accordingly for their kind words and for giving us permission to publish their comments.


“Pick up the telepone, it’s great to hear a voice.”

David hayfield


We are a people business and we talk to our customers!

Unlike many of our competitors we encourage “talking” , yes you can complete a call back form or send an email but there’s nothing like a real person at the end of the line, so please, feel free to call us.

Landline 01261 861504

Skype 0131 208 3212

Mobile 07958 168 998

If we are not in the office all calls will divert to the mobile number, if we don’t answer please leave a voicemail, we will call you back!.



Over the years we have been fortunate enough to work with many clients, not only in Scotland and the rest of the U.K. but also in many countries across the world. Currently we have clients in locations such as Bermuda, Houston, Azerbaijan, Thailand, South Africa, New York, Amsterdam, Orlando and France.

Our portfolio is just a very small selection of our designs, as technology changes and becomes more advanced we aim to offer further advancements in our designs as we move forward.

To view just a small selection of our work please click on the images below, the links will open in a new window.

To view more of our work please click the see more work button at the bottom of this section.


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Affordable, Flexible, Effective Web Design Solutions.

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